Why travel with us ?


Support Local Communities

Local communities are the backbone of any real conservation movement. A substantial part of our income goes directly to the capital of the cooperative and to support eco-development projects ensuring that all the members and shareholders grow in a collective way. Economic stability allows them to experience a better standard of living and encourages them to conserve their own forests and natural resources.
For years community members have had to deal with the dominance of more powerful market players. Through our tourism initiative we are making an attempt to level the playing field - give our members a chance to earn a fair income and give them the power to make important decisions.

You will make a difference with us by promoting sustainable development in the Himalayas. And of course we strictly follow the principles of Ecotourism.

Joy and Sustainability in the Himalayas

Every trip you take with us impacts the surroundings in many ways. We follow a strict ecotourism policy that is in sync with the principles of conservation. Our accompanying guides are trained in trekking and hospitality but more than that bring a natural warmth and helpfulness typical of small communities that instantly puts our guests at ease.

True to our motto, we aim at making every trip memorable, insightful and meaningful for our guests. From the reviews we have received, we can be sure we’re sharing more than just the experience of an outdoor hike - we’re sharing joy and making memories.

Personalized Experiences

Every trip with us is a personalized, curated experience for our travellers because we understand that every traveller is different and wants a different travel experience. Our team has spent years in the sustainable tourism industry, and are able to curate a trip exclusively suited to your liking.

When you travel and stay with us, we deliver nothing short of the best standard of hospitality for our guests.

We function as a cooperative. Feel the difference !

There is no distinction between a guide, a porter, a cook or an office fellow. Everyone is a shareholder in the enterprise.
At Himalayan Ecotourism nobody is the boss, nobody is inferior. Himalayan Ecotourism is the company of your trekking and travel staff. You will feel the difference !

We have the best equipment

Comfort, hygiene and safety is rule of thumb when it comes to equipment. You won't get the nasty experience of sleeping in smelly and dirty sleeping bags with us! Be sure to have the safest and most comfortable outdoor experience with our reliable imported equipment.

We are located in the hearth of the Himalayas !

You are in the hands of experts !
All our staff are local, continuously trained and the most experienced. We know what mountains and wilderness are... for your pleasure and for your safety.
Four of our guides are naturalist guides. They will reveal to you all the secret beauties of the local ecosystems and culture.

Our former guests telling ...

An unforgettable adventure in the Tirthan Valley...
The staff were very professional and offered us excellent food. They were very friendly and received us with an amazing hospitality.

Many thanks to them and to Stephan.
I strongly recommend anyone to go with "Himalayan Ecotourism" to visit the GHNP.

Thierry Leneveu,
Professor of Geology at Lycée Français,

Himalayas are one of the great places to observe scenic landscapes...

The management of our trek was amazing. It was certainly the most delightful experience with the people of Himalayan Ecotourism...

Ashish Kambale,
Research Fellow,
BNHS’s Bird Migration Study Centre,
Point Calimere, Tamil Nadu

Recognition of Himalayan Ecotourism

Himalayan Ecotourism Awards

Our awards

Himalayan Ecotourism is the winner of the To Do award 2022 in the field of "Socially Responsible Tourism".
We are also the Overall Winner of the Indian Responsible Tourism Award 2019 and the Gold winner in the Best Adventure Operator category.
We have been declared winner of the Sustainable Tourism Award 2019 by Skal International and Biosphere.
Our cooperative-based model of social enterprise and our efforts to conserve the Himalayas are the main reasons for winning these awards.
Thank you to all our cooperative members, our customers, our friends and well-wishers !