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himalayan ecotourism federation

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So far the federation spread across the state of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh).

Motivated by the development we were able to achieve in the GHNP area, Himalayan Ecotourism decided to expand its work model in other regions of the Himalayas, by promoting and working with other organizations that have a similar vision of tourism and a genuine dedication towards conservation and community welfare.

All affiliated organizations, including the GHNP cooperative, form together the Himalayan Ecotourism Federation. All members of the federation must comply with strict criteria in the field of sustainable tourism and business model.

The contribution to our social and environmental projects is included in the prices of all the trips operated by Himalayan Ecotourism. The funds are used to support the projects of the affiliated organizations as per the decision of the committee of the federation.

Our Sustainable Tourism Guidelines

We have seen too many organizations claiming to operate in accordance with the principles of ecotourism, responsible or sustainable tourism, for the sake of mere greenwashing.

Based on our 15 years of experience in the field of sustainable development in India, we could define our own guidelines for Sustainable Tourism which are much more constraining compared to the standard guidelines.

To be a member of the Himalayan Ecotourism Federation, any organization must abide by these guidelines.
Hence by travelling with us and our partners you are sure to be in the best hands and to travel in a sustainable way.

Our Sustainable Tourism Guidelines

  Tourism as a business is planned to perform and sustain actions for the conservation of the surrounding ecosystems and welfare of the local community.

  The locals are the primary beneficiaries of the generated revenues of this tourism-based business.

  The local stakeholders involved in the business must be organized in such a way that collaboration between the locals is encouraged and competition is avoided.

  A substantial part of the revenue generated by the tourism-based business must be reserved for implementing the social and environmental projects of the federation. These funds are ideally, but not imperatively, managed collectively with the local stakeholders.

  The organization must take care that the local stakeholders not only get economically empowered but also that their personal development is ensured: enhancement of their professional and soft skills, raising of their awareness, exposure to global affairs, ecology & political issues, and ability to implement local projects for sustainable development in their area.

  All operated tours and activities must minimize the ecological footprint and the adverse impacts on the local ecosystems and culture.

  The HET federation must hold a very high standard of quality in terms of hospitality, safety, and originality. Only those organizations that already have a solid reputation in this regard can become members of the federation.

Recognition of Himalayan Ecotourism

Himalayan Ecotourism Awards

Our awards

Himalayan Ecotourism is the winner of the To Do award 2022 in the field of "Socially Responsible Tourism".
We are also the Overall Winner of the Indian Responsible Tourism Award 2019 and the Gold winner in the Best Adventure Operator category.
We have been declared winner of the Sustainable Tourism Award 2019 by Skal International and Biosphere.
Our cooperative-based model of social enterprise and our efforts to conserve the Himalayas are the main reasons for winning these awards.
Thank you to all our cooperative members, our customers, our friends and well-wishers !