A women-based social enterprise in the Himalayas


Jujurana Eco-Creations

Under Jujurana Eco-Creations, we produce a range of 100% natural cosmetics like sunscreen, lip balms and handmade soaps as well as knitted apparels for sale to tourists.

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Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the micro-enterprise was forced to halt production. We want to provide the marginalized women of Tirthan Valley with education and the creative skills training needed to become professional and talented designers, seamstresses, embroiderers, weavers, and jewelry designers of the handicraft industry. Through our program, women would gain the creative skills and financial independence by creating sustainable fashion that is life affirming and supports a healthy environment.

The range of products that these women offer with their fine craftsmanship includes soaps, oils, woolen socks and other knitted items. HET plans on reviving this micro-enterprise and beginning production of these products once again by training more women and providing the materials required. With a sustained presence and a lively business, opportunities for growth and expansion within the valley can be explored.
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Back to simplicity

100% natural handmade products that can replace all your industrial and dangerous cosmetics.

Empowering women

women meeting

A women Self-Help Group

Motivational meeting with interns of Himalayan Ecotourism.

We, at Himalayan Ecotourism and Himalayan Insight, believe that uplifting local women is an integral part of our sustainable development goals for the future.

Presently, we are closely working with one Self-Help Group (SHG), namely the SHG in Pekhri to produce a range of organic and 100% vegan cosmetic products.
We are determined to revive Jujurana Eco-Creations with the Pekhri SHG and begin expansion of production through involvement of more SHGs as the business grows.

Natural cosmetics

Apricot oil

The kernels are collected in the winter months from local villages of our pristine Tirthan Valley. We extract the oil at a water-run mill and use it to make soaps, sunscreen balm, lip balm and pure apricot kernel oil enriched with Himalayan herbs. Our products are apricot kernel oil based which are great for direct use on your skin and hair.

Handmade cold processed soaps

Our hand-made soaps are made with a blend of essential oils and Kaolin clay and natural oils that are locally sourced. Mixed with natural colours, our 100% vegan soaps are beautiful, organic and a fantastic way to empower local communities.

Sunscreen balms

With many trials and experimentation, we’ve formulated a sunscreen lip-balm that puts all the other mainstream ones to shame. Completely organic and vegan, this is a product you can trust to protect your skin, equipped with SPF 10.
apricot oil himalayan eco-creation

Apricot oil

The local apricot kernel oil is excellent for the skin.

Woollen apparel

apricot oil himalayan eco-creation

Woollen apparel

A women threading wool while grazing her cattle.

If you visit a local village in Himachal Pradesh, chances are that you’ll spot many women at work: grazing their livestock, collecting forest products and carrying loads on their back for use at home.

If their hands are free, they are usually knitting. Intricate designs by creative women encouraged us to up-scale these operations. We are currently designing sock and sweater designs for sale across India to ensure women can gain a sense of financial independence and attribute a sense of value to their incredible skills.

Our products

Apricot oil

Apricot oil

From collection of the kernels, cold pressed oil extraction and packaging.

handmade soap

Handmade soaps

Chemical free, creatively designed, rich in beneficial properties.

sunscreen balm

Sunscreen balm

100 % natural, effective, get rid of your carcinogenic cosmetics, go Himalayan Eco-Creation

no chemicals
list of ingredients
non carcinogenic

Recognition of Himalayan Ecotourism

Himalayan Ecotourism Awards

Our awards

Himalayan Ecotourism is the winner of the To Do award 2022 in the field of "Socially Responsible Tourism".
We are also the Overall Winner of the Indian Responsible Tourism Award 2019 and the Gold winner in the Best Adventure Operator category.
We have been declared winner of the Sustainable Tourism Award 2019 by Skal International and Biosphere.
Our cooperative-based model of social enterprise and our efforts to conserve the Himalayas are the main reasons for winning these awards.
Thank you to all our cooperative members, our customers, our friends and well-wishers !