How to reach Great Himalayan National Park


Don't lose time, get to GHNP in the fastest and most comfortable way

Indian Himalayas are quite well connected overland. Going there is no more the adventure that it was at the time of the first explorers of the highest mountain range of the world.

But travelling to the Himalayas from the plains still gives you the feeling of an adventure. As soon as the first Himalayan hills appears the roads get zigzaggy, the landscapes dramatic and your mind alert.

Practically if there is one advice to give about getting yourself to GHNP it would be : "Start from Delhi and take a overnight tourist bus to Manali". You start from Delhi in the evening and reach GHNP in the next morning.

After reading the sections below you will get to know the best option for you to join us in the mighty Himalayas.

    Getting to Great Himalayan National Park by bus

A cheap and reliable way to reach GHNP

Volvo buses are known as the most comfortable buses in India. There are regular Volvo buses connecting Delhi and Manali in Himachal Pradesh. They all leave Delhi in the evening and reach the Kullu valley (near GHNP) in the morning.
If you are not planning to get to the GHNP by your own vehicle these Volvo buses are the best option.

These buses are semi-sleeper. It means that you have good chances of sleeping during the night. The bus stops on the way for the dinner and the breakfast.
There are relatively cheap. The price for a seat will cost you from 1000 INR.
You have to get off the bus at Aut early morning. Aut is a small town that the bus reaches 2 hours before Manali, the bus destination.
So you will have to ask the bus conductor to have a stop at Aut to drop you.

From Aut you either take a taxi (about Rs 1000) or local bus (Rs 50) to Banjar/Gushaini or Sainj/Niharni, according to your program in the GHNP.
Or we can simply arrange your transportation from Aut by sending our own taxi.

For booking your seats you can do it from any online operators. Just Google "Volvo bus from Delhi to Manali". Or if you are not comfortable booking online just ask us to book the tickets for you.

Deluxe Volvo Bus


Delhi ISBT


Kullu valley

Departure Time

6 pm

Arrival Time

6 am


From 1000







    Getting to Great Himalayan National Park by your own vehicle

Like to drive ? Enjoy the Himalayan roads !

There are two main ways for reaching the GHNP from Chandigarh.
The fastest is the road followed by the Volvo buses coming from Delhi. It goes via Rupnagar, Bilaspur and Mandi. From Delhi it is about a 10-11 hours drive.

You can also come via Shimla going through Jalori pass (Chandigarh to Shimla: 3-4 hours, Shimla - Banjar: 7 hours).
This road is longer but more interesting in terms of beauty of the landscapes. Jalori pass itself is a very spectacular spot. Be aware that Jalori pass is closed in winter because of snow (December to March).

road map to great himalayan national park
The road to GHNP diverts before reaching Aut. Just before Aut, there is a tunnel (the only tunnel on the road from Delhi).

Do not enter the tunnel.

Just at the entrance of the tunnel there is a smaller road on the right. Take this one. After crossing a dam and then a bridge, either you continue straight to Sainj (for Sainj valley), or if you need to go to Banjar (for Tirthan valley), you need to cross the next bridge on your right to reach the small town of Larji. Turn right after the bridge and continue straight to Banjar (about 20 km from Larji).

road map to great himalayan national park

    Getting to Great Himalayan National Park by plane

Easy but... not so reliable

There is a morning flight reaching Kullu (Bhunter airport) everyday. It is fast (about 1.5 hours) and convenient. But practically the flight is often cancelled. When it happens it is quite troublesome since you may have booked everything for you stay/trek.
Please contact us for current information.

    Getting to Great Himalayan National Park from abroad

Welcome to India !

Let's consider two different cases.
In the first case you have a backpacker style of travelling and you don't mind arranging everything by yourself. In this case you will surely find the right information in this page for your trip to the GHNP.
If you have any doubt don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

In the second case you don't want to take a risk of losing time and getting yourself lost, especially if it is your first trip to India.
In this case you could give us the responsibility of arranging everything for you : booking of hotels, any tickets and even a guide to receive you at the airport and to take you safely through the epic India.
You just have to contact us. We will prepare your hassle-free tour package.

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