Adventure activities around the Great Himalayan National Park


Enjoy some adrenaline rush in the ecozone of the GHNP

You are standing by in the ecozone of the GHNP ? The place is great but you are wondering what could you do for entertaining yourself today. Just go through this page to get some good ideas !

For all the activities described below we provide the equipment and you are under the guidance of a professional instructor. Keep half a day for each of these activities. It means you can do two of them in one day !

Rappelling and Rock climbing

3 hrs
This is a very funny activity especially when you are in group.
We have selected a few natural walls that are suitable for rock climbing and rappelling.
You do not need any experience to do it. Anyone can do rappelling. For rock climbing you need to be a bit muscled.
Children are most welcome and it is actually an excellent activity for them since you need to challenge yourself.
Don't worry our instructors are qualified and our equipment completely safe.

Hike to the GHNP gate

Trout fishing

3 hrs

Tirthan and Sainj River are famous for trout fishing.
Fishermen or first-timers you will enjoy this very relaxing activity.
We provide the rods and arrange the fishing permit for you. Our instructor will take you to the right places and teach you fishing if required.
Angling is always better early morning or late evening. Avoid angling in the middle of the day when the sun is too strong.

Hike to the Serolsar lake

River crossing

3 hrs
A so refreshing activity especially in summer time.
It is not advise to swim in mountain rivers beause the stream can take you very dangerously into rapids. But when you are secured there is absolutely no danger, except the danger of addiction :-).
Flowing from the Great Himalayan National Park the rivers are 100% pollution free.
Jumping into the river is somewhat challenging but what a pleasure to get yourself refreshed by the chilled and pure water of the Tirthan river !

Hike to the Serolsar lake

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Himalayan Ecotourism Awards

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Himalayan Ecotourism is the winner of the To Do award 2022 in the field of "Socially Responsible Tourism".
We are also the Overall Winner of the Indian Responsible Tourism Award 2019 and the Gold winner in the Best Adventure Operator category.
We have been declared winner of the Sustainable Tourism Award 2019 by Skal International and Biosphere.
Our cooperative-based model of social enterprise and our efforts to conserve the Himalayas are the main reasons for winning these awards.
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